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Thank you for choosing to get tattooed by me! The following is my recommended aftercare advice, we will have talked through this during our appointment but please make sure you read in full to familiarise yourself with the process of healing over the next few weeks.

It is important to remember that every body is different so you should pay attention to how yours is behaving. The healing process is super important - look after it well, its with you forever!

If at any time you have any questions, please drop me an email at or an Instagram DM at @___dan_bramfitt - include a photo so I can try to help.


Initial healing time is 2-4 weeks. This is the time you should be paying attention to the look & feel of your skin, keeping it clean & lightly moisturised. Wear loose fitting clothing to allow the skin to breath & avoid unnecessary friction. The tattoo will begin to dry out, potentially scab & it will become itchy, this is normal.


In this time, please make sure you:

  • keep your tattoo covered with the second skin for up to 3 days OR wrapped with cling film for up to 3-4 hours - once removed gently clean it with warm water & a soft, non-fragranced soap (Dove bar soap is good - no shower gels!)

  • wash your tattoo morning & night for 2-3 weeks, only use soap if needed for 1 of those washes as it may dry out the skin too much - always wash your hand first

  • do not submerge/soak your tattoo - no baths but showers are totally fine

  • do not go swimming, to the sauna or steam room - these are perfect places for bad bacteria

  • do not itch or pick your tattoo, this can cause any scabbing to fall off prematurely and scar/fall out

  • do not apply sunblock until your tattoo has fully healed (1 month usually), cover with loose clothing instead

  • do not wear tight fitting clothing or sports fabrics over the tattoo, the friction will cause irritation

  • do not allow your healing tattoo to be exposed to direct or excessive UV rays (sunbathing or sunbed's), this will cause blistering & discolouring

  • avoid heavy exercise that may cause irritation to the tattoo - specifically if the tattoo is in the focused body area (ie. no leg day after getting your thigh tattooed etc). Exercise is an important part of mental health, you don't need to avoid it entirely just be cautious of your new tattoo.

  • be careful consuming alcohol after our appointment - alcohol thins the blood & can cause your tattoo to bleed out more than it should, your body is also tired so you may become intoxicated very easily

  • only touch your healing tattoo with clean hands, but generally avoid touching it at all

  • avoid any un-naturally fragranced products, they will irritate your new tattoo

  • avoid using aerosols on or around your body as they can leave a sticky coating on your skin which will irritate your new tattoo - switch your aerosol deodorant to a roll on, its better for your tattoo & the planet!

Second Skin Specific Advice

I advise keeping the Dermalise on for a maximum of 3 days. If it starts to come off within that time allow it to, but if any part of the tattoo becomes exposed remove the full thing. If the area under the second skin becomes anymore red than when it was applied or begins to itch or raise, take the whole thing off immediately as you may be having a reaction. Under the second skin plasma & excess ink will become to leak from the tattoo & create an ink sack, this is totally normal, you're not sweating off your tattoo - do not panic.

When removing the second skin do it in the shower as the last thing you do so the warm water can loosen the glue. Pull a corner loose & create a tension that allows it to come away from the skin on its own. Try not to rip it off. Gently wash the skin as, you can use a soft un-fragranced soap to clean off any residual ink or glue. If the glue does not come away with gentle cleaning, don't panic, just keep the tattoo extra clean over the following days until it comes away.

Aftercare Solution Recommendations

Remember that less is more - don't over moisturise your tattoo as it needs to dry out in order to heal, moisture can allow harmful bacteria to multiply & cause infection. Use a small amount of aftercare solution to cover the tattoo & massage it thoroughly into the skin around twice a day after washing. Even though you may have aftercare products already, buy a new bottle/tub as the old one may be contaminated from being open longer.  

After about 3 months the tattoo should have settled into your skin, which is how it will look for the longer term. At around 1 month we will know if your tattoo requires any retouches from areas that may have fallen out, send me over a good quality photo so I can give you my opinion & we can take it from there.

I like to see your healed photos of your tattoos out in the big wide world! They help me to develop my practice & I get to see them in the wild - so please if you can, take a lovely photo with some good natural lighting, make sure it is in focus, and send me an email or post it to Instagram! Don’t forget to tag me - @___dan_bramfitt :-)

Maintenance Once Healed (usually 1 month onwards)

  • avoid excessive UV exposure (sunbeds) - they will fade your tattoo faster & sometimes cause discolouring

  • always use a high factor sunblock on your tattoo when sunbathing/on holiday

  • moisturise your skin - it will keep your tattoos & your skin looking healthy

Thank you again for choosing to be tattooed by me!

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