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Each year I create a series of graphics for Instagram to highlight the favourite tattoos I had created for each month of the year.

In my 2024 collection, I designed 12 title images with graphically linked together with posted together on the Instagram profile grid, and also flowed seamlessly together as a carousel, graphics can be seem below.

Carousels can be found on my Instagram.

January Highlights-01.jpg
January Highlights-02.jpg
January Highlights-03.jpg
January Highlights-04.jpg
February Highlights-01.jpg
February Highlights-02.jpg
February Highlights-03.jpg
February Highlights-04.jpg
March Highlights-01.jpg
March Highlights-02.jpg
March Highlights-03.jpg
March Highlights-04.jpg
April Highlights-01.jpg
April Highlights-02.jpg
April Highlights-03.jpg
April Highlights-04.jpg
May Highlights-01.jpg
May Highlights-02.jpg
May Highlights-03.jpg
May Highlights-04.jpg
June Highlights-01.jpg
June Highlights-02.jpg
June Highlights-03.jpg
June Highlights-04.jpg
July Highlights-01.jpg
July Highlights-02.jpg
July Highlights-03.jpg
July Highlights-04.jpg
Monthly Highlights 2-01.jpg
Monthly Highlights 2-02.jpg
Monthly Highlights 2-03.jpg
Monthly Highlights 2-04.jpg
September Highlights-01.jpg
September Highlights-02.jpg
September Highlights-03.jpg
September Highlights-04.jpg
October Highlights-01.jpg
October Highlights-02.jpg
October Highlights-03.jpg
October Highlights-04.jpg
November Highlights-01.jpg
November Highlights-02.jpg
November Highlights-03.jpg
November Highlights-04.jpg
December Highlights 2-01.jpg
December Highlights 2-02.jpg
December Highlights 2-03.jpg
December Highlights 2-04.jpg
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