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  • What is a handpoke tattoo?
    Handpoke is a machine free technique of applying the tattoo, giving the same results when applied correctly, sometimes with a slightly different aesthetic. We use the same equipment & our hygiene practice is exactly the same. Handpoke tattoos are made up of a series of dots that build to create the design, often areas will need to be reworked more than once so the process can take a bit longer than machine tattooing. When applied correctly, handpoke tattoos age just as well & ‘last’ as long as machine tattoos. It is simply another way of applying the ink into the skin. Because there is no machine involved, getting a handpoke tattoo is quite a relaxed process, and most people say it hurts less than machine tattooing. We get to have a nice chat & take our time. :-)
  • How do I book?
    I accept enquiries by email or you can fill out my booking form. In your first message, please include all of the following: - your full name & name you prefer to go by - at least 1 screenshot of my flash/s or tattoo/s you are interested in getting - a brief but clear description of your custom concept with at least 1 supporting reference image (not tattoos by other artists) - body placement & size of the piece you are considering in cm’s or inches. - your date of birth - your pronouns - your preferred day of the week or any specific dates you can/cannot do (I mostly only work Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) - if you have a budget (My minimum is £150, I am always happy to do deals for multiple pieces) - in the subject line, please state your location & name, for example “London - Alex Smith”. This is especially important for guest spot enquiries. Your enquiry is not a booking until we arrange our appointment & I have received a deposit. Please be flexible with when you are available, this will ultimately help you get in faster. :-)
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    Yes. By paying a deposit you are reserving our appointment time for that day & for me to prepare your design. All deposits are not refundable. Appointments can only once with the original deposit & this must be done no later than 72 hours before, this is to provide me enough time to fill your space. If you cancel our appointment without arranging a new date, unfortunately you surrender your deposit If I need to move our appointment, I will give you as much notice as possible your deposit will carry over. I'm very flexible & understand that things come up, we all have lives, respect & transparency is always appreciated. :-)
  • Where do you work?
    I am currently based in South East London at Blank Collective in Deptford. We are a short walk from New Cross station and the studio has totally step free access throughout. I also frequently guest around the UK, if I don't have any current dates in your city drop me an email & I can put you on a waitlist for when I visit your city or one near by.
  • What is ‘flash’?
    Flash designs are my original artwork I have drawn as tattoo pieces. Some designs are only tattooed once, so if you like the design and want to claim it please send an enquiry as soon as you see it. I do however draw variations of pieces, or sometimes I have several versions of the same design with slight differences that I offer.
  • Do you do custom designs?
    I love hearing your custom ideas & I’m always very grateful you have considered me to make your piece. The only time I take on custom requests is when I feel I can execute them in my style, and you are willing to give me some creative freedom interpreting your idea. I am selective in the projects I take on, and if I don’t feel I am the right artist for your piece I will usually recommend another artist who I feel would be better suited. Please don’t take it personally! When sending a custom request, please be very clear in the description of your idea & send a reference image if necessary that is NOT of another tattoo. Photographs are best, illustrations are good but I will always interpret your idea in my own aesthetic. When we have discussed your idea, we will decide on an appointment date & sort a deposit. I will usually send the design 1 or 2 days before our appointment, I sometimes have a large amount of custom work scheduled and I work through my diary in order. We can make tweaks together on the day, but only small alterations (eg. add/remove some leaves) may be made, so being clear in your original description/reference images is very important. Please do not message asking where your design is, when it is ready I will send it. As always, deposits are non-refundable, even if you decide you’re not into the design - this is a big part of choosing the artist. Custom ideas I really enjoy: freehand (drawn directly onto the skin) branches/organic shapes - flows with the natural body contours & great for gap fillers abstract shapes flowers minimal text long body lines finger details (dots, lines, squares etc.) [not during COVID19 - hand washing issues] Please note, I do not tattoo: offensive phrases/imagery weapons (guns, knives etc.) direct cultural appropriation work by other artists (unless you can provide me with clear evidence of consent, and they are not a tattoo artist) human portraits
  • How much do your tattoos cost?
    I charge per piece, so each tattoo is different. My minimum is £150, so if you would like something quite small I will normally recommend getting a number of pieces as it will work out more cost effective for you long term. Pricing for each piece is based on complexity of design, size, placement & how long our appointment will take. Custom pieces are usually higher in price. If you have a budget, I can normally accommodate it, or waiting a little while to book in so you can get your ideal tattoo without compromising what you would like in any way. I will always give you a scale of lowest-highest possible price, this is to take variables into account, sometimes things take longer/less time than I expect or we may decide to increase/decrease the size or complexity of the design on the day etc.
  • How long will it take?
    I can never guarantee your tattoo will take a specific length of time, so it's best to not need to rush off anywhere after. Usually I can give a rough estimate of timescale but this may vary & it is easier to do for smaller pieces. I only usually plan for one appointment per day so we can take our time & have a nice relaxed day. :-)
  • What should I do to prepare for my tattoo?
    Make sure you eat well the day of our appointment & have a good sleep the night before. Drink plenty of water & bring some sugary snacks & a drink along with you to keep your blood sugar levels up. Don’t get wasted the night before, this will probably make you bleed quite a bit & will ultimately make the process more uncomfortable & a bit more painful for you as you will be super sensitive. Other than that I will do the rest!
  • Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?
    Please bring a valid passport or driving licence that has not expired to our appointment as proof of age. Payment for your tattoo is preferred via bank transfer but you can pay by cash too, please bring enough to cover the largest amount you have been quoted. Please arrive for our appointment on time, no need to be early but please try to not be late. I may have another client after you or there may be another artist using the space after me, so please get to the studio for the time we are due to start. :-) Phone signal can be a bit unreliable around the studio, so if you're running a little late message with plenty of notice please!
  • Do you do cover ups?
    If you would like something covered up we can discuss it, but my style is sometimes not really the best as a full cover up. Things that normally work pretty effectively in my style for cover ups are solid black shapes, which I am more than happy to do! Another option is a blast over, which is where the new design is tattooed on top & the old design can still be seen underneath. They are fun!
  • Do you tattoo fingers/hands?
    Yes, I tattoo hands & fingers. Hands are a really nice surface to tattoo, one of my favourites! Finger tattoos can be quite a challenge to heal sometimes & often fall out or fade quite rapidly. This means they can frequently need re-touches. With the original cost of the tattoo you can receive one re-touch, any other after that will be charged. I also do not tattoo any complex designs onto fingers as I feel they don’t age well enough.
  • Do you do re-touches?
    Each tattoo comes with one free re-touch, any other session after that will be charged accordingly. About a month after our appointment is the best time to see if any areas need a re-touch. Send me a couple of clear photos with good lighting & I can advise whether I think we need another session. Please note, with organising touch up appointments you’ll need to quite flexible in times, I usually only book them at the end of day. :-)
  • Do I have to tip a tattoo artist?
    Tips are never expected but always appreciated! It is not customary in the UK to tip your tattoo artist, but I am always very very grateful for anything. :-)

Below are a selection of common questions you may have about tattooing or the process used, if you cannot find your answer or would like further detail, please feel free to reach out via email here.

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