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Portrait Photograph of Dan Bramfitt | Visual Creative and Tattoo Artist


EST. 2019

In my tattoo practice I create work in an abstractive contemporary style, working in London and travelling around the UK and soon internationally.

I'm always happy to chat about projects you have in mind, you can fill out my enquiry form or send an email to



I work in a variety of different concepts - from more structural, hard shapes to organic free-flowing compositions drawn straight onto the skin. You can read more below, or if you prefer you can jump straight to the gallery

Forearm Tattoo by Dan Bramfitt | Visual Creative and Tattoo Artist


These are either custom drawn up designs based around your favourite elements of projects I have made before, or are predesigned pieces available as flash.

Structures often feature a dissecting element which can be extended to fill out a limb or placement area.

As most of these compositions are made up of straight lines, they mostly work best in placements that are more flat as to appear warped - we can try them out in multiple areas and discuss this further in our appointment.

These are some of my favourite pieces to make, so I am always happy to chat about them.

Tricep Tattoo by Dan Bramfitt | Visual Creative and Tattoo Artist


Landscapes are free-flowing organic lines most often made as freehand projects - meaning they are drawn directly onto the body. This technique allows for them to perfectly interact with the placement and any beauty spots (scars, freckles etc.) or other tattoos you have in that area, and can be made in any size. They can work all over the body, and look particularly great flowing over hinges.

The freehand process begins with discussing elements you would like to include and potentially doing a preliminary sketch. We'll then draw the design onto the skin using 3 tones, reviewing at each stage to make sure its perfect. Then its time to tattoo! Its a very interactive, collaborative process where we build the design together in real time, and requires a bit of an open mind.

Inner Arm Tattoo by Dan Bramfitt | Visual Creative and Tattoo Artist


Tiles are the oldest element of my work, and I first started drawing them in around 2018 - and they have evolved a whole lot in that time.

My flash portfolio often features a big array of tiles but they can also be drawn up as customs, I mostly do that in our appointment so you can show me elements of other designs you would like to include and discuss the specific flow.

Tiles can be made in many shapes, mostly circles, squares and rectangles, they can be adjoined to another tile in a symmetrical design and can also be made as freehand pieces. There are lots of options! All individual tiles will only be tattooed once, unless previously stated, but I'm always happy to draw a variation.

Thigh Tattoo by Dan Bramfitt | Visual Creative and Tattoo Artist


I am always open to discussing any custom projects you have in mind. Provided I think I can do the best tattoo possible for you and I feel I can execute it in my style, I'll most likely take it on.

Custom projects I find are a great way to challenge my own process, and a lot of how I have developed stylistically has been through taking them on.

If I do not think I am the right artist for the project, I will try to direct you to someone else who I think would be better suited.

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